Welcome to our Easter Service

We see the beauty of human endeavour. Richard has just finished a zoom meeting with the churchwardens, home group leaders and clergy...

"I am delighted to see the networks of care and support that so many of you are maintaining and growing. This is what the church does in times of difficulty, it rests on God and goes underground and builds the web of human contact that reinforce our care and love, our support and our dependence on each other."

We've also been given the ability to create. We create in our gardens and homes, in our work and our worship. Steve McKay, Mark and Lisa Kember, and a few others have spent hours creating an Easter service for tomorrow.


About us

St Paul’s & St Luke's, a congregation in North Tadley, offers members - and visitors - a chance to become part of something greater. To grow in their love of God and for one another within our beautiful community.

We are rooted in the stories of the Bible and believe worship is something that can be expressed in everything we do. Our philosophy is founded on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. No matter who you are, there’s a special place for you at our church. Get in touch today.  We would love to hear from you!


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