St Paul's, St Peter's and St Luke's,Tadley and Pamber Heath.

Weddings at any of our churches


It is our pleasure to arrange weddings at any of our churches, but to do so you need to either live in our Parish or have a qualifying connection. To check if you live within our parish visit the Church Near You web site
A qualifying connection means a strong link with our parish (you can find details of what counts as a strong link at the Church of England Weddings page

At least three months before the date on which you propose to marry

• Book the date and time - please contact Richard, the Rector to arrange an appointment to do this.
• Arrange for your banns to be read in the parish where you live (if one or other partner lives outside Tadley or Pamber Heath).
• Richard or whoever is conducting your wedding will contact you and book a time to meet.
• You will also be invited to a marriage preparation evening.
For more details about Church of England weddings please visit the Church of England Weddings page