St Paul's, St Peter's and St Luke's, Tadley and Pamber Heath.

A few answers to questions that you may have

If you have not been to church before, or you are new to any of our churches, here is some information to help you. In this page we are hoping to put to rest any myths about coming to church for the first time.For instance, that we might pounce on you and extract money, promises that you will return etc, etc.

... well we won't !

Can I bring my kids along?

We have children at our gatherings and yours would be most welcome too! We have a program of teaching for children of all ages that meet during the middle part of the service. The children are fully supervised so that you can leave them while you enjoy the service. On the second Sunday morning of each month in St Paul’s and third Sunday in St Luke’s have an All-Age service where we all stay together in the main body of the church hall. All our volunteers are CRB checked. If you have young children with you and they get too noisy, you can take them to the vestry - the service is relayed there (but don't feel you need to move the instant they start crying !).

What happens at our services?

We tend to follow the traditional Anglican form of services, everthing is written down so no previous knowledge is needed in order to particate fully. You will not be asked to read the Bible or pray or do anything that you would prefer not to do. The service normally takes about 1 hour. Please come up for Communion, or if you have not been confirmed, please bring a hymn book with you and the minister will give you a blessing.

Do I have to be a member of the church to come?

Not at all. Whoever you are, and wherever you are from, and whatever you believe, you are more than welcome to come. We are looking forward to meeting you.

What do I wear?

You don’t need to dress up in your best clothes or wear a suit – the dress code is casual, so you can feel comfortable.

Does it cost money?

No! Church is completely free. We have a bag collection every Sunday; if you are just visiting, please don't feel obliged to leave anything there is no pressure at all.

What happens afterwards?

Sometimes we have a short time for questions at the end of a service. After that, we hang out together to chat and drink  coffee, tea, cold drinks and biscuits. We love people to stay around, but if you have to go, that is ok too!

Please speak to the Clergy or please feel free to contact Richard by whichever means you find convenient.